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Are you involved in the acquisition, management, or disposal of real estate?

Do you work for a government agency, public utility, pipeline company, or right-of-way contractor?

Are you an engineer, lawyer, appraiser, property manager, or negotiator?

Do you employ professionals working in relocation assistance, land title, property management, or environmental areas?

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During its seventy-six years as a professional, non-profit association, the International Right of Way Association (IRWA) has served a growing number of professionals.  IRWA is an individual membership association with approximately 10,000 members throughout the United States and Canada.  Membership is comprised of engineers, appraisers, property managers, acquisition agents, lawyers, surveyors, title experts, environmentalists, and relocation agents.

What Are the Benefits of Membership?  IRWA membership brings with it a wide range of benefits, including significant discounts on IRWA courses, a subscription to Right of Way Magazine, access to the IRWA members-only section of the HQ website, eligibility for the credentialing programs, and networking opportunities at local, regional, and international meetings.  Through our network of 80 local chapters in the United States and Canada, IRWA provides opportunities for those new to the Right of Way profession to learn from experienced veterans through formal and informal forums to exchange ideas.

Credentialing One of IRWA’s primary purposes is to provide world-class educational and professional development opportunities to right of way professionals.  Certifications can be achieved in one of two areas, the generalist or specialist.  IRA’s premier designation, the SR/WA Senior Right of Way Professional, is the highest achievement for the right of way professional.  See more information regarding the Generalist and Specialist career paths below.

Right of Way Professional Career Path (Generalist)

Right of Way Professional Career Path (Specialist)